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Hi, I’m Michail Yasonik: accessibility advocate and frontend engineer with a business degree

Work experience timeline

  1. Staff Accessibility Engineer at SerivceNow

    • Dev architect for Web Platform Accessibility team: workings across the org to coach teams
    • ServiceNow's rep to both W3C's Accessibility Guidelines and ARIA working groups
    • Accessibility testing automation at scale: persona based rules in CI, AOM snapshot testing
    • Building complex, reusable components that are resilient to abuse by implementing teams to ensure accessible experiences no matter on their use (charts, comboboxes/typeaheads, trees, etc)
    • Working cross functionally with products, design, QE and technical writers to build an SDLC that bakes accessibility into the mechanics instead of tacking it on at the end


  2. Senior Engineer at Elastic

    Accessibility lead focusing on Kibana (the main app) and the design system

    • Building a culture of accessibility throughout design and development with trainings, fostering champions, and sharing resources across the organization
    • Defining specs and developing complex components to meet WCAG and WAI-ARIA guidelines with a focus on practical and usable accessibility
    • Verifying work across the org through code review and (automated and manual) testing in a litany of desktop browser, OS, and screen reader combinations

  3. Senior UI Engineer ⅠⅠ at CrowdStrike

    • UX tech lead of parallel quarterly major initiatives, completing: UI architecture, scoping and estimating work, creating timelines, prioritizing tickets, and team mentorship
    • Fostered strong cross‐team communication and technical ownership in small teams of UI engineers, leading the team to achieve their quarterly goals
    • Guided technical direction of broader UI team with heavy emphasis on scaling (from 10 to 30+ engineers), accessibility, and component design
    • Evolved interview process to reflect modern web development and reduce unconscious bias

  4. Senior UI Engineer at LinkedIn

    Previously, UI Engineer

    • Reduced support case volume 25% by migrating a legacy project to a new architecture, normalizing disparate APIs, and fixing user flows for common tasks
    • Helped teams deliver on-time by hopping onto at-risk projects
    • Set standards for new projects, including: full test coverage, BEM, and style documentation and a mock server (reclaiming ~12 developer-weeks in Q4 2016)
    • Organized and lead Ember office hours and moderated mob code reviews to help elevate teammates’ development skills

  5. Frontend Web Developer at Mindstream Interactive

    • Built responsive sites, ranging: simple, static pages; large, ecommerce sites; and complex web apps
    • Created a standardized boilerplate, minimizing developer startup costs for each new initiative
    • Spearheaded modern workflows to save developer time and improve maintainability for long standing projects
    • Developed an HTML email builder cutting development time by 80%

  6. Webmaster at Rochester Institute of Technology, Department of Access Service

    • Managed development process and client requests, while presenting to outside stakeholders
    • Created a website, including: a blog, event registration system, private document sharing and a resource checkout library

  7. Software Development & Web Experience Intern at Progressive Insurance

    • Wrote a REST API and a responsive UI following test-driven development (TDD) for an internal tool
    • Maintained Progressive’s homepage

  8. Student at Rochester Institute of Technology

    • B.S. in Management Information Systems
    • Minor in Computer Science
    • GPA: 3.2